Fairy Class Restoration Update

Fairy Class Restoration – Update May 2010
STORM – Sail No. 1
Storm is ready to re-enter class racing after her spring refit.
ZEPHYR – Sail No. 2
The restoration of Zephyr was completed at the end of April and she is now rigged and ready to enter class racing.
PASTIME – Sail No. 4
Saturday, 22 November 2008 saw the hanger cleared and Pastimeʼs mast stepped and her being moved into position for the start of restoration. The long term plan is to build a workshop unit around the hull and workbench along the back wall. The unit will be secure and hopefully with the addition of a temporary roof this will retain some heat during the winter months.
MAEVE – Sail No. 5
Maeve is ready to re-enter class racing after her spring refit.
DOREEN – Sail No. 6
Doreen is now jointly owned by Paul Louden-Brown and new LECYA member Terry Archer. She does require complete restoration, but for this season her standing rigging will be replaced ready for her to re-enter class racing at the end of May. The long term plan is for her to be restored once work on Petrel (Sail No. 12) has been completed.
IRIS – Sail No. 7
As with Sail 4, Iris was also repositioned in readiness for work to begin.
PAXIE – Sail No. 8
Paxie will require a considerable amount of work; the first task has been completed as she was wheeled out of position and reposition alongside the other Fairy Class boats at the rear of the hanger
CYGNET – Sail No. 10
Fred Ternan and his brother George have almost completed the rebuilding of Cygnet. She will re-enter class racing this Summer.
SNIPE – Sail No. 11
A new owner has been found for Snipe and it is hoped that restoration work will begin shortly.
PETREL – Sail No. 12
All twenty-six frames, stem, horn timber, stern frame and big knee have been replaced. Several sections of planking have been replaced and Petrel is almost ready for her new keelson to be replaced. Restoration Work is planned for completion by Spring 2011.

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