Doreen afloat after her Spring 2010 refit. Conor Louden-Brown onboard with Stephen Taylor in RIB towing her to her berth.

Sail No. 6

Former name: n/a

List of past owners sailing with the Enniskillen Yacht Club and Lough Erne Yacht Club

1906 R. Arthur Cooper and John A. Lemon

1911 George Massy-Beresford*, D.L.

1924 Dr. James E. Herbert

1975 R. Gerry Dickie

1989 Peter Scott

2009 Paul Louden-Brown

2010 Paul Louden-Brown and Terry Archer


George Massy Beresford, member of Lough Erne Yacht Club and Enniskillen Yacht Club, died 25 July 1923.

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