Sail No. 2

Former name: The Nut

List of past owners sailing with the Enniskillen Yacht Club and Lough Erne Yacht Club

1906 John Porter-Porter, D.L. (1855-1939)

1913 Charles F. Falls, M.A. Renamed The Nut*

1920 Renamed Zephyr (Major Charles F. Falls)

1932 Richard A. Herbert

1954 Zephyr made her first appearance in a race since before the war – over 15 years (R. A. Herbert)

1980 Mrs. C. Kelly & J. Hamilton

1981 Mrs. C. Kelly

1982 John Suitor

1998 John & Neill Suitor

2008 John Suitor

2010 Zephyr re-entered class racing (John Suitor)

*The Nut won the Castle Archdale Cup in 1913. In several newspaper reports her name change is incorrectly recorded as “Knutt.”

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